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Download free royalty free music, no attribution needed. No copyright music, free for commercial and non-commercial use directly from the composer for content creators.

Free No Copyright Music Composed by Liborio Conti

Are you a content creator searching for the best free royalty free music to place over your YouTube videos? A company manager who needs a few tunes to make your presentations more exciting? Or simply someone who enjoys listening to sounds during their free time? Regardless of your reasons, you’ve come to the right place.

Within my site, you’ll find a diverse range of free no copyright music that you can use however you please (for the most part, at least — see my restrictions below). Every track is entirely self-produced, so you can rest assured knowing this free music for commercial use won’t ever surprise you with a nasty copyright strike. So, please consider taking a listen! There are a couple of genres to choose from, I guarantee you’ll find something you’ll like.

Cinematic Music

Whether you need to inject some energy into your marketing material or capture the attention of your viewers with a fast-paced YouTube intro, these cinematic tunes offer everything you’re looking for.


Are you a fan of those modern, catchy tracks you can’t ever seem to get out of your head? Well, with this collection of free royalty free music, you can now use them for your own content!


Looking for an emotional boost? This versatile set of tunes can turn even the saddest of days around. Try putting them over an inspirational video or presentation to really engage your audience.


If you need music for a business setting and aren’t sure what vibe to go for, you can’t go wrong with this collection of free music for commercial use.


Need to unwind after a long day? Play one of these soothing tracks to help your mind settle, or place it over a relaxing video to share with your audience.


From harmonica blues to gypsy jazz, this collection of rare tracks is bound to surprise you at every turn.


You may use my free no copyright music within your project(s), even commercially, at no charge. Attribution is not required but is always appreciated! That being said, I do have a few restrictions.

Do not take credit for my music in any way! If you mention the composer of the piece, please include my name: “Liborio Conti.”

Do not distribute my music to any music platform, such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.

Do not offer or sell my music in any way. My work remains exclusive to this website.

Do not place “copyright” (or “rights,” if on Facebook) on any of my tracks — whether full or partial — even if you talk over my music.

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Enable the bell to be notified when I release a new track.

About Me

I’m Liborio Conti, and I have been professionally composing music since 2007. Until the beginning of 2020, I sold royalty-free music, with some appearing on bigger platforms. Still, I noticed that most people looking for free royalty-free music struggled to find high-quality tracks at no cost. So, I began to provide my work for free.

I compose my music from scratch and own all the rights to it. Therefore, my music does not trigger any copyright claims. On YouTube, once you become partnered, you can enable ads and keep the revenue: all 100% of it!