Free Modern No Copyright Music With And Without Vocals

Download free modern no copyright music with and without vocals, no attribution needed. Free modern royalty free music for commercial and non-commercial use.

I invest lots of time into creating new music for you to use – and I do not charge for anything.
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My music does not trigger any copyright
claims and you may use it within your project(s), even commercially, at
no charge. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.


Free Modern No Copyright Music With Vocals

Free Modern No Copyright Music Without Vocals
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Royalty-Free Modern/Vocals Music for Commercial Use

No matter what kind of content you’re planning to show off to your audience, there’s one final step you can’t go without: Music. Before you click that “upload” button, you need to make sure you have the best tunes possible playing throughout for maximum engagement. Still, that’s a bit easier said than done.

With so many places to look for free modern royalty-free music, it can be challenging to nail down the best tracks. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you out. With this collection of free modern music with no copyright, you can finally create content with a killer soundtrack — without worrying about a nasty copyright strike that’ll ruin the fun.

Additionally, everything on my website is 100% self-produced, so you’re receiving a series of soundtracks created with a true musician’s passion. Simply download the mp3 files it to your computer, use it how you see fit (in accordance with my restrictions, of course), and enjoy!


1. Modern Music (With Vocals)

These radio-ready tunes are guaranteed to bring any advertisement, YouTube intro, presentation, and more to the next level. If you’ve been searching for free music for vlogs, be sure to take a listen to each one to find your next favorite. Imagine it playing over a montage of your collection of latest travel clips, or softly sitting underneath
your vocal narration as you walk viewers through a step-by-step guide.

From Latin rhythms to tropical drums, this versatile collection of free modern royalty-free music is guaranteed to fit into any project on your plate.

2. Modern Music (Without Vocals)

If you want that same modern sound without a vocal layer, consider yourself in luck. Featuring a diverse range of sounds that’ll please any listener, you can use these tracks in videos that just need a quiet soundtrack, additional focus on the speaker, or a quick musical transition.

Did You Know?

Music could actually be the key — or part of it, at least — to helping people with severe brain injuries regain their memories. That’s right; research
revealed that listening to songs (released within their lifespan) was enough to help some patients with brain injuries recall personal memories.
Though the findings are still being developed, there’s enough to suggest that those tunes we hear on the radio could soon be part of mental rehabilitation in the future.

So, though this might not impact the average person, it’s certainly proof that music has far more influence on our physical and mental state than we might give it credit for!
Want More Sounds?

If you’re searching for something other than free modern royalty-free music, I have much more to offer! Listen to some of the additional genres I produce for, including:

· Relaxing

· Rare

· Happy/Inspirational

· Corporate

· Cinematic

As always, you simply need to download your favorite track to start including it in your content — no copyright strikes will take it down. Finally, if you do plan on using my music for personal or commercial purposes, please consider crediting my name! It’s not a requirement, but it’s always appreciated.

From one creator to another, I hope you enjoy.