Royalty Free / No Copyright Music License

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Licensing Agreement

This Licensing Agreement regulates the terms by which you may download and use music by Liborio Conti, available for royalty free licensing at
Upon downloading any tracks from the website listed above; I Liborio Conti, grant you a limited right to use my musical compositions in your video or media production, in accordance with the terms described below.

Allowed Usage

You may use
my music in your personal or commercial projects, as well as the projects you take on behalf of your client or employer, and you may use my music in one or many projects under the same individual or business name. The license is valid for all countries and territories in our world. Upon submission thereof, this license allows you to use my music in commercially monetized videos on any platform.

Restrictions And Limitations

Each music track is licensed to you for specific use, not sold. The license does not transfer the copyright of my music to you.

This license expressly forbids the resale, relicensing, or other distribution of my music, either as is, or any modification thereof.

You may not modify, resell, sublicense, assign, transfer, otherwise make available to or permit access to any third party, my music files except, as in cases expressly authorized by this license.

You are not required to credit me, Liborio Conti, or my website,, in your project(s); however, you may not claim my music as
your own musical composition.

You may not claim ownership of my music (or make it available) through YouTube’s Content ID system.  This includes distribution to any music platform such as; iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, or any other platforms that exist now and have not been specifically mentioned here  and all other music platforms that may exist in the future.

The license is nontransferable. You may not resell or “loan” my music to others. However, you can pass the music and the license to your client if you have been contracted to create the final product (for example, if you are hired to produce a corporate video).

The license is not exclusive. I Liborio Conti, retain the right to give or sell licenses to other clients.

By use of this license, you hereby agree that this license is granted to you without any other warranty or recourse and indemnify me, Liborio Conti, from any damage or loss resulting from your usage of my music.